10 Reasons to Reclad

Whether recladding is an absolute must to ensure your old or leaking plaster clad home is protected from the elements, or you’re looking to modernise and enhance the exterior of your home, there are plenty of benefits to be gained from recladding. Here we’ve noted some of the key reasons our clients are delighted with the decision to reclad their home.

1) Bye bye ‘leaky home’ stigma

Most people still shudder at the thought of a leaky home. And fair enough! The ‘leaky building crisis’ affecting plaster-style monolithic cladding systems built from the mid-1980s to mid-2000s is an ongoing construction and legal battle for a lot of people. The lack of weather tightness results in timber framing decay, which can leave the buildings structurally unsound. Fortunately, reclad homes have the ‘Leaky Building’ stigma removed as the new claddings comply with the latest requirements of the building code. In effect, a reclad leaky home meets higher building standards than a non-leaky home.

2) Say hello to a warm, dry and healthy home

Reclad homes are not only weather-tight, but as the wall insulation is upgraded to current standards, they are much warmer too. This means no more leaks, cracked or bulging walls or warped flooring. Importantly, it also means no more mould, which is unsightly and may be toxic. Mould can particularly impact the health of those with allergies, young children with underdeveloped immune systems or elderly people. For people that opt for double glazing on the windows along with a reclad, the home will be significantly toastier in the cold seasons, along with a welcome reduction in street noise.

3) Set your home apart from the rest

Chances are that your reclad home is surrounded by other plaster clad homes of a similar style. If so, rest assured your reclad property will stand out in terms of quality and value when compared to other houses in the area. What’s more, since a quality exterior cladding system makes such a fantastic first impression, you can be sure it enhances the ‘curb appeal’ of your property too.

4) Make desirable upgrades to your home

While plaster clad or old, damaged homes in need of TLC may make buyers nervous, the opposite is true for a reclad home. As a freshly clad home showcases current designs and contemporary colours (along with the confidence that they are warm, dry and structurally sound), they are highly sought after once complete.

5) Better builds with up-to-date warranties

A major advantage of a reclad home is that the renovation isn’t just the exterior cladding. You will also have current warranties for all the timber replacement, new joinery, decks and roof work. That’s a huge weight off your (or a potential buyer’s) shoulders and gives peace of mind that the home is a place to relax, unwind and enjoy life, not the cause of undue stress of ‘things that need repairing’.

6) A home to suit your style

The process of recladding your home provides an incredible opportunity to tweak or even restructure the home to suit your style and your needs. In addition to exterior cladding replacement and other exterior adjustments, it’s also the ideal time to include some interior work such as painting and new window architraves.

7) No more worries and stress

The longer leaky homes are left to rot, the higher the financial burden of fixing it will be. By going through the recladding process, you can be free of worrying about structural damage, as well as long-term health impacts and the financial concerns that are common with ownership of a leaky plaster clad or old home. Plus, you can rest assured the home is weathertight, structurally sound, healthier to live in and is braced to resist earthquakes and other seismic events in the chance they may happen.

8) Add value to your home

Recladding your home provides the perfect opportunity to add value. Often there are clever ways to make the home more appealing by refining the style of the home, improving the function and layout, adding decks, upgrading bathrooms and kitchens, and making the home a more contemporary haven suited to modern living. Ultimately, this means that the finished result is more valuable than the investment made. Once completed, the finished result will be a true reflection of what you want in a home – with none of the leaky bits you don’t!

9) Sell your home if and when it suits you

If the home is not your forever home, you’ll have the option to sell your reclad home when you want. You won’t need to rush around organising tradies to fix parts of the home to make it more saleable or worry that people will knock the price down due to the extensive work required. All you need to do is call an agent and list the house knowing that the home is structurally sound, and this will not be called into question. Selling a house can be stressful enough, but it’s a whole lot easier when all the work has been done.

10) Put your feet up and enjoy your home

If you choose to stay and live in your reclad home, you can do so knowing the work is behind you. Put your feet up and enjoy knowing that with routine maintenance, your exterior cladding and other home renovations will last for many years to come.