10 Things to Consider for a Showstopper Bathroom Renovation

A bathroom renovation is an ideal opportunity to maximise your space in this important part of the house, while also increasing functionality and flow. To make your ideal bathroom a reality, a little forethought and some expert planning are required.

Alongside planning the overall look and feel of your bathroom consider your morning routines and the items you want to have at hand and store. Also consider lighting options such as mood lighting when relaxing in the bath or low-level LED lighting under vanities to avoid glare of bright lights in the middle of the night.  

Below is a list to help with planning your bathroom renovation taking into consideration your budget and the people who will be using the bathroom.

1. Planning stage

This is one of the most important parts to get right. Start with a high level plan of your bathroom  and have full measurements at hand. Talk with us if you would like your bathroom concepts created by our design experts to further maximise your space. It’s at this stage where we consider things like the doorways. For example, if this is an en-suite bathroom and the doorway isn’t already a cavity slider,  converting to one could be a great opportunity to create more space. 

This is also a good time to make decisions about functional changes like installing underfloor heating.

2. Consider your ideal bathroom storage

When planning a bathroom that will work for you and your family, plan for your ideal from the outset. In the case of bathroom storage, this can be maximised by vanities, custom or standard storage units, mirror cabinets, or built in recesses in your shower or beside your bath. Take the time to think about what will be stored in the bathroom, and how conveniently placed these items need to be. This could include spaces for soaps and shampoos, hairdryers, makeup and extra supplies

3. Vanity

Your vanity will be a focal point for your bathroom and can add a feeling of luxury to your room.There are a number or excellent vanity options which can be purchased as standard sizes or talk with us to discuss a custom unit. 

Initially, it’s a good idea to decide whether you have space for a double or single basin vanity? Wall hung basins create the illusion of more space and give a more modern line, whereas floor mounted versions will provide more storage.  Many vanities offer special storage for make-up and smaller items. 

Choose a style with inbuilt basins or select your basins to be top mounted.

For vanities with top mounted Basins :

It’s important to select basin and tapware that work with each other. For tapware consider if you would like wall mounted or vanity top mounted taps. If you are planning a mirror cabinet the height of the cabinet will need to work in with the full height of the tap. 

The selection of the vanity top is an opportunity to elevate the style of your bathroom whether it be creating a feeling of luxury, warmth or contemporary streamlined minimalism. There are a number of products available at different price points from stone, wood veneer in the same material as the vanity or acrylic composite.

Tiled bathroom with two basins

4. Underfloor heating

Planning a bathroom renovation gives you the chance to choose indulgences you might not otherwise have had. For example, heated flooring in your bathroom is luxurious and a popular trend in modern homes. Not only does it feel amazing on your feet and you don’t have to stand on any cold spots, it can be effortless to run and energy efficient. Underfloor heating systems can be used under a variety of floor surfaces including timber and concrete. There are several options you can choose from depending on budgets and your lifestyle.

5. Mirrors / Mirror cabinets

There are a number of options to select from fogless, wall mounted, LED illuminated or mirror cabinets. For a sleek look mirror cabinets can be recessed to be flush with your tiles. It’s also worthwhile wiring in power points for charging electronic toothbrushes etc.

6. Taps and bathroom hardware

Decide on the style and colour of your hardware throughout the house. There are many options from chrome, polished nickel, matt black, gold and matt white, to brushed brass, brushed gunmetal and more. We recommended you keep the finish uniform throughout the bathrooms and kitchen. Some finishes can be applied to door hardware and other fixtures throughout your home to tie everything in.

For showers consider rain heads or shower columns and components to suit the user. For example, if you have young children it can be convenient to have a shower head with a detachable hand-held head.

7. Places to hang and dry towels

Consider how many towels you need to hang and if space allows for double rails for each person. Little additions like hooks for robes can mean the difference between a bathroom renovation that actually works for you and one that is a source of frustration.

8. Bathroom wall finishes 

We offer a full service to help select tiles and organise quotes from tilers. It’s worth spending time to plan and discuss tiling options for the layout covering details such as whether you prefer mitred corners or alu-trims and selecting a grout colour. Grout selection has a large impact on the overall appearance of the bathroom from choosing to enhance feature tiles or creating a wall which blends into the room allowing other features such as vanity tops to stand out. 

9. Shower and bath?

Plan your shower area to the size and the shape of your room, and decide early whether you’d like space for one or two showers. Choices for showers cover whether you’d like a glass door or walk through shower, handle finishes and options to have handles standard vertical or horizontal to hang shower mats.

You’ll also need to consider whether you’d like a framed custom hebel upstand or level entry shower. (Level entry may need to be allowed for during design and consent stage )

Further shower choices will include deciding on a channel drain or a shower waste which can be square or round. Also, whether to go with a grate finish or an invisi drain where the tiler will insert tiles into to minimise its appearance. ( The drains can be colour matched to your tapware selection to keep them uniform and blending in with the bathroom and not standing out).

Tiled bathroom showing bath and shower

If you have space to add the luxury of a bath to your bathroom or en-suite there are a number of options from inbuilt to freestanding acrylic and stone composite. There are also choices to be made around tap ware, whether you’d like floor-mounted taps or wall-mounted taps and the option of a hand shower as well as a tap, many fittings have both options.

For a luxurious bath it’s lovely to have a shelf or recess built in for candles, soaps and plants.

10. Lighting

Lighting options vary depending on your budget and requirements. Options include standard down lights, LED ceiling mood lighting which can be recessed, hidden LED lighting strips under vanities for night time and low lighting. You can also include LED strips in recesses and feature ceiling or wall lighting.

With any building project, but especially a bathroom renovation expert planning and advice along the way is vital. Getting it right from the outset will mean that all of these options and choices will work together to give you a bathroom that is both functional and beautiful for years to come.

If you’re ready to start planning your new bathroom or ensuite, give us a call today on 0800 777 977