8 key focus areas when planning a home reclad

Your home is likely your most valuable asset, but if you have a plaster home built between 1991 and 2004 that value might be tainted by associations with leaky home syndrome. In order to protect the integrity of your home and future proof it to retain value and marketability, a full home reclad is the best option. 

Recladding your home with a reputable cladding company will guarantee water tightness and structural integrity, but there are many other benefits. You’ll future proof your home for sale and marketability, as well as maximising the style factor and improving the livability of your home for you and your family. This is particularly true if your home reclad incorporates an internal renovation.

However, achieving a beautifully renovated and reclad ‘like-new’ home takes careful thought and consideration. So here are 8 key aspects to consider when looking to reclad your home and get the most from your build.

1. Select your cladding for style & functionality

Your choice of cladding is an important factor in completely transforming your ‘90’s plaster home. If you like contemporary styles consider cedar, Abodo, or a metal cladding. Dual claddings with a mix of cedar cladding and brick or metal cladding such as NuWall are popular and look stunning on sleek, contemporary builds. For a modern take on a classic style bevel back weatherboards are a tried and trusted cladding product. Options for boxed corners and faced windows will complete the look.

Large reclad home with pool
Reclad weatherboard home

2. Street appeal, privacy & security

Talk with your design and build team about ways you can ensure your home has street appeal, privacy and security. This will be customised to suit your home and budget and could include a new front fence or gate, cladding selections on the front elevation, a new garage door, front door and lock selection, lighting, planting or adding in large cedar screens.  You’ll achieve a stylish result from your build while ensuring a highly desirable exterior look if you decide to sell in future. 

Reclad cedar home curbside

3. Insulation & double glazed joinery

New double glazed joinery will completely change the liveability of your home. Alongside new insulation which is a standard part of the reclad process, double glazing will help keep your home warm in the winter and cool in summer. Replacing your joinery is the ideal opportunity to consider changing the proportions of older style windows and doors that could be made larger with lower sill heights. This can enhance the look of your home from the outside and increase both the light and feeling of space inside. Also consider the types of doors in your main living area. Sliders and bifold doors come in a variety of options and can greatly increase the sense of space as well as improving indoor outdoor flow.

Boxed windows detail reclad home

4. Improve flow, open and update living spaces

Internal renovations that open up the living area and improve indoor to outdoor flow can have a huge impact on how you and your family live.  If your budget allows, upgrading your flooring will also completely transform the interior of your home. Flooring trends change over time and are important for setting the tone of your interior. Talk with your building company about which current products will best suit your needs. A fresh interior repaint will also brighten and update your interior.

Large home reclad showing deck

5. Consider adding heat pumps and fireplaces

Whilst the temperature of your newly insulated home will already be dramatically improved as part of the reclad process this is also the perfect time to factor in a heat pump or a gas fireplace. These additions will ensure you have a warm comfortable home and an internal upgrade that delivers the ultimate temperature control.

6. Improve life’s busy spaces – kitchens and bathrooms

As the heart of the home, a well designed kitchen adds style to your home and any upgrades and changes to layout can vastly improve its livability. Options include updating with new bench tops, splash backs and door facings, or a complete replacement including butlers pantry and large island for easy and casual dining or entertaining. If budget allows, the external renovation is the perfect time to give your kitchen a fresh new look. 

Updated white kitchen

An interior upgrade as part of a reclad is also a great time to think about updating your bathrooms. For some homes this might be required due to failed waterproofing or incorrect wastewater drainage which can lead to rot. For others it’s simply a good opportunity to update and modernise these high traffic areas and give them a much needed upgrade. There are many options on the market to update your bathroom to suit all budgets. Your design and build team will be able to help with the process of selecting products and planning spaces so that it’s easy and enjoyable,and you get a good result.

7. Outdoor living areas

It’s the ideal time while trades are on site to add decks and improve outdoor living spaces. Options such as Louvre roofs and other outdoor shelter systems are well worth planning for. Handy tip – if you plan on putting in a Louvretec at a later date, make sure you have wiring planned for it during the re-clad.  Also, if you’re thinking about adding garden lighting or smaller details like a new outside tap, get this done while your building team is onsite.

Reclad home with deck

8. Future proof, be market ready

You never get a second chance to make a first impression when selling your home. You might  be planning your dream home to live in long term, but it’s worth making sure your concept takes into account future saleability. Street appeal is vitally important, bringing potential buyers through the door and ensuring you pocket the best sales price. However there are other factors also which your design and building team can discuss with you. If you have one eye to the future and plan well you can have confidence that your newly reclad and renovated home will be a hot property whenever you decide to sell.

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