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Front Entrance in Cedar Wood Auckland

About Resolution Projects

Our dedicated team of 30 plus builders work seamlessly with leading sub-contractors and suppliers. We are committed to provide our clients with a focused approach to any size of project

Resolution Projects was established in 2011 by Tom and Isabelle McMenamin. We initially specialised in re-cladding and renovation work answering the high demand for remedial works at the time. We have always been passionate about achieving an excellent result for our clients. From the beginning we took pride in the opportunity during the rebuild process to aesthetically transform plaster houses into beautiful modern homes which are both great to live and in and importantly to restore a high home value for our clients.

Very quickly we were approached to build large scale renovations, new-build homes and multi unit attached apartments. Since then we have completed over 150 projects. We are experienced industry experts at preparing properties for market to maximise appeal and value. Our focus today remains the same for all our projects, to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

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