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If you’re considering recladding of your tired 90’s plaster home, factoring in a makeover of your home’s outdoor areas can have stunning results. We’ve all spent a lot more time at home this year so the opportunity to create highly functional, well connected outdoor living spaces is top of mind. A home reclad that includes well-designed outdoor areas will transform your home and boost market appeal. Plus you’ll improve the way you use your home maximising opportunities to enjoy outdoor dining and relaxing all year round.

There are many options for maximising your existing home footprint so start by customising a plan with your building company. Think about how you like to live and how you want to feel when relaxing in these areas. 

Here are some smart tips and ideas for designing the ultimate outdoor spaces for your home.

 1. Define your space for how you will use it

Make sure you define and plan your outdoor spaces for how you want to use them. Space for entertaining, lounging and relaxing along with the quintessential kiwi barbecue are important. Building new decks or extending smaller decks to better utilise your space can completely transform an area.

Reclad cedar home with deck

2. Decisions ahead of time

Make key decisions before your build starts. Changing and evolving plans during your build can be costly and can slow down your project. It’s well worth planning your outdoor areas at the same time as planning your home reclad so the work is factored into your budget and timeframe.

If your outside project requires earthworks, get any muddy jobs out the way at the beginning of the project and finish the decks and living spaces just before you move in. There’s nothing worse than mud being traipsed through your newly renovated home.  Also, remember to factor in any extra details needed to enhance your outdoor area such as extra outdoor taps or plumbing and electricity points.

3. Maximising your section and property

Many 90’s homes haven’t been planned to maximise outdoor living opportunities. Whether it’s utilising a small north facing deck or opening up the back of your home, your home reclad offers the opportunity to transform your home and increase wow factor.

Reclad home before and after
large doors opening out to sea

5. Permanent versus temporary cover

It’s important to take into consideration sun, shade and shelter from wind. Plan overhead cover to suit your property, and with the right positioning to protect you from the sun while providing enough shelter. Permanent cover not only provides protection from the elements but it creates an extra outside room by defining a living or dining space. A popular choice is Louvretec which is known for its versatility and wide range of options for cover. It can be installed as one unit or faced in the same cladding as your home for a seamless integrated style.

Reclad home with large deck

For a premium well finished built-in outdoor living area the structure is faced in the cladding material and roof extended to integrate with the house. There are a number of other finishing options also including sarking the ceiling, skylights, outdoor lighting and heating to create an all weather space. Well planned joinery will also ensure this area is maximised.

Built in decking reclad home

 6. Flow from inside to outside

Design your area to be accessible to your kitchen and living areas to create seamless flow from inside to outside.  There are many ways to achieve this and joinery is an important factor. Large French doors can massively extend your space. Not only will you have an appealing and highly accessible outdoor area, but it also gives the sense of doubling your living room space from the inside. Many 90’s plaster homes were not constructed to provide easy access to the garden and outdoor areas so this is often an easy upgrade to include in your reclad.

Reclad home before and after with deck
Large doors opening on to deck

7. Privacy, screening, noise reduction and planting

Design your space for comfort and privacy by incorporating hedges, large potted plants, screens, outdoor feature walls, pergolas, glass, lighting and outdoor furniture. You’ll want to choose options that increase privacy, absorb noise and make you feel comfortable and secluded. Working with your builder can lead to wonderful spaces that are designed just for you.

Outdoor living area
Source: Pinterest

8. Colours materials , decking , tiles and pavers

Planning your outdoor colour palette to work well with interior and exterior cladding will ensure a cohesive look. Limiting your colour selection will give you a chic effortless result. Soft neutral muted tones are on trend. While grey remains popular, earthy warmer tones are now also on the rise and look set to grow in popularity. Textures and building tone on tone are another important trend with less strong patterns and florals. Talk with your recladding company about current products and materials and be sure to factor in ongoing maintenance. 

Outdoor area with furniture
Source: Pinterest

9. Lighting

Lighting can define and create instant appeal in an area. Turn to Pinterest for ideas and inspiration on options to suit your space. Plan this at the beginning of your home reclad rather than as an afterthought so all the cabling is done as part of the build.

10. Fire and heating

If space and your budget allow installing an outside fireplace gives an area a focal point and helps bring guests together. It also offers the opportunity to use your outdoor space for more of the year, including cooler evenings.  A portable fire pit is another great option if you’re limited on space and budget. 

Giving proper thought to these areas will pay off both in terms of livability and by adding value to your home reclad project when you decide to sell.

Check out our FREE reclad guide packed full of hints and tips to ensure a beautiful home building project without the hassles.

Reclad Guide

We’re experts at recladding and renovating with over 150 completed projects to our name. 
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Your home is likely your most valuable asset, but if you have a plaster home built between 1991 and 2004 that value might be tainted by associations with leaky home syndrome. In order to protect the integrity of your home and future proof it to retain value and marketability, a full home reclad is the best option. 

Recladding your home with a reputable cladding company will guarantee water tightness and structural integrity, but there are many other benefits. You’ll future proof your home for sale and marketability, as well as maximising the style factor and improving the livability of your home for you and your family. This is particularly true if your home reclad incorporates an internal renovation.

However, achieving a beautifully renovated and reclad ‘like-new’ home takes careful thought and consideration. So here are 8 key aspects to consider when looking to reclad your home and get the most from your build.

1. Select your cladding for style & functionality

Your choice of cladding is an important factor in completely transforming your ‘90’s plaster home. If you like contemporary styles consider cedar, Abodo, or a metal cladding. Dual claddings with a mix of cedar cladding and brick or metal cladding such as NuWall are popular and look stunning on sleek, contemporary builds. For a modern take on a classic style bevel back weatherboards are a tried and trusted cladding product. Options for boxed corners and faced windows will complete the look.

Large reclad home with pool
Reclad weatherboard home

2. Street appeal, privacy & security

Talk with your design and build team about ways you can ensure your home has street appeal, privacy and security. This will be customised to suit your home and budget and could include a new front fence or gate, cladding selections on the front elevation, a new garage door, front door and lock selection, lighting, planting or adding in large cedar screens.  You’ll achieve a stylish result from your build while ensuring a highly desirable exterior look if you decide to sell in future. 

Reclad cedar home curbside

3. Insulation & double glazed joinery

New double glazed joinery will completely change the liveability of your home. Alongside new insulation which is a standard part of the reclad process, double glazing will help keep your home warm in the winter and cool in summer. Replacing your joinery is the ideal opportunity to consider changing the proportions of older style windows and doors that could be made larger with lower sill heights. This can enhance the look of your home from the outside and increase both the light and feeling of space inside. Also consider the types of doors in your main living area. Sliders and bifold doors come in a variety of options and can greatly increase the sense of space as well as improving indoor outdoor flow.

Boxed windows detail reclad home

4. Improve flow, open and update living spaces

Internal renovations that open up the living area and improve indoor to outdoor flow can have a huge impact on how you and your family live.  If your budget allows, upgrading your flooring will also completely transform the interior of your home. Flooring trends change over time and are important for setting the tone of your interior. Talk with your building company about which current products will best suit your needs. A fresh interior repaint will also brighten and update your interior.

Large home reclad showing deck

5. Consider adding heat pumps and fireplaces

Whilst the temperature of your newly insulated home will already be dramatically improved as part of the reclad process this is also the perfect time to factor in a heat pump or a gas fireplace. These additions will ensure you have a warm comfortable home and an internal upgrade that delivers the ultimate temperature control.

6. Improve life’s busy spaces – kitchens and bathrooms

As the heart of the home, a well designed kitchen adds style to your home and any upgrades and changes to layout can vastly improve its livability. Options include updating with new bench tops, splash backs and door facings, or a complete replacement including butlers pantry and large island for easy and casual dining or entertaining. If budget allows, the external renovation is the perfect time to give your kitchen a fresh new look. 

Updated white kitchen

An interior upgrade as part of a reclad is also a great time to think about updating your bathrooms. For some homes this might be required due to failed waterproofing or incorrect wastewater drainage which can lead to rot. For others it’s simply a good opportunity to update and modernise these high traffic areas and give them a much needed upgrade. There are many options on the market to update your bathroom to suit all budgets. Your design and build team will be able to help with the process of selecting products and planning spaces so that it’s easy and enjoyable,and you get a good result.

7. Outdoor living areas

It’s the ideal time while trades are on site to add decks and improve outdoor living spaces. Options such as Louvre roofs and other outdoor shelter systems are well worth planning for. Handy tip – if you plan on putting in a Louvretec at a later date, make sure you have wiring planned for it during the re-clad.  Also, if you’re thinking about adding garden lighting or smaller details like a new outside tap, get this done while your building team is onsite.

Reclad home with deck

8. Future proof, be market ready

You never get a second chance to make a first impression when selling your home. You might  be planning your dream home to live in long term, but it’s worth making sure your concept takes into account future saleability. Street appeal is vitally important, bringing potential buyers through the door and ensuring you pocket the best sales price. However there are other factors also which your design and building team can discuss with you. If you have one eye to the future and plan well you can have confidence that your newly reclad and renovated home will be a hot property whenever you decide to sell.

Check out our FREE reclad guide packed full of hints and tips to ensure a beautiful home building project without the hassles.

Reclad Guide

We’re experts at recladding and renovating with over 150 completed projects to our name. 
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Achieving a quality home renovation on a budget requires some very careful planning and a good depth of experience. It’s critical at the beginning of a project to identify which aspects of the renovation will have the biggest impact on achieving a beautiful end result while spending your budget wisely. On top of all this, you’ll want to ensure that your home renovation is a quality project that improves the home and adds value for the future.

Whether we’re working on a large high-end home or a more modest renovation our aim is to help our clients achieve the best end result tailored for their budget and the project goals. Here’s an example of a home renovation that made the most of the budget and achieved maximum value at sale.

Pakuranga Town House 

Brief :  Re-clad the dated exterior of this plaster town house, add new joinery and carry out an interior renovation. The goal is to maximise value and prepare it for market.

Style : Modern meets classic 

Before and after shot of home renovation
Before and after this significant home renovation

We renovated and prepared for market this 3 bedroom 1 bathroom townhouse in Pakuranga. The brief was to maximise the value of the home and increase its saleability. We were also set a strict budget to ensure we avoided overcapitalising. Because of the size and value of the home our target market was couples, and potentially young families.

Exterior focus

Originally built in the late 90’s, the home was run down, in need of a reclad, and also needed a complete facelift to increase its appeal for sale. We had a clear vision for the re-clad and interior renovation which focused on transforming the home by carefully investing in the right areas.

Located on the back section of a development of 4 town houses, the home had a private garden with a well established hedge which provided privacy to the upstairs bedrooms. It also enjoyed great orientation for sunlight and a green screen of privacy, so we planned the renovation around these positives.

Total makeover

The tile roof was still in excellent condition so we saved budget here by simply updating the terracotta colour and painting it Resene Friar Grey to give the home a modern look, and to blend in with the new exterior. For the exterior we chose bevel back weatherboards with window facings to give the home (which was a square shape with little detail) a modern yet classic style. The facings were an extra spend not needed for the re-clad but were an element we knew would add market appeal to the home. We painted the weather board Resene half Friar Grey, the window facings Resene Alabaster and joinery Advantage Titania.

In addition, new insulation was installed alongside new double glazed joinery which dramatically increased the liveability and temperature control of the home.

Window and Bi-fold Joinery Placement 

Interior showing large doors and windows out to deck

The window and door joinery placement and selection was one of the most important details in creating an inviting home with excellent light and an open airy living space. The goal was to make this compact home feel larger and more welcoming. 

New Zealanders love outdoor living and dining so for the internal renovation making outdoor areas easily accessible was a priority. Indoor outdoor flow was created by installing large wide bi-folding doors giving the impression of doubling the space. Windows were made larger with lower sill heights to let sunlight light steam in, further maximising the space. 

Extra budget was allocated to the joinery and the build for these areas. This added instant appeal setting the home apart from other properties in the area and showcasing the quality of the build for prospective buyers.

Interior living area of home renovation

An inexpensive pine deck was built outside the bifold doors and stained in a warm shade. The result was the feeling of doubling the living space – creating spaces for entertaining, relaxing and for young kids to play and ride trikes.  

Interior focus

With extra spend allocated to the joinery we looked to make savings on the interior of this home renovation.   

Kitchen showing cabinetry and windows

Because of its importance as the heart of the home the kitchen is often the place to generate the most impact. A well designed kitchen sets the tone of a home and adds value and livability.

For this project a new kitchen wasn’t necessary and with extra budget having been allocated to the joinery, the original kitchen was simply given a smart but inexpensive update to create appeal for buyers. 

Minimum spend for maximum impact

The existing cabinetry was tired and in an unattractive shade of olive with matching melamine bench top. It also included a small sink, basic taps and aged appliances. Our simple but cost effective update included re-spraying the cabinets with Resene Alabaster and updating with new square brushed chrome handles which worked with the placement of the original holes in the cabinetry. 

Black granite was selected for the bench top for a luxury finish and as a modern contrast to the white cabinets. The new bench top was designed with an area for two stools. (We sourced an end of line stone, reducing the cost to be only a little more than melamine). A large (but inexpensive) undermount square sink with a sleek modern tap completed the bench. We also sourced and installed more modestly priced appliances including; oven, cook top, dishwasher and extractor. 

The existing floor was buffed and waxed. Subway tiles and feature glass lights were installed to complete the update and create a modern inviting kitchen. 

Kitchen bench and white tiling

The Family Bathroom

The small family bathroom needed updating. Being the only bathroom in the house it was important it was made to feel  inviting, spacious clean and modern.  To achieve this a well priced acrylic free standing bath was selected as a luxury item. To save on space a corner shower was installed along with a floating vanity to create the illusion of a larger room.  Sleek square modern tapware completed the modern clean look. 

Bathroom with bath toilet and shower

With little budget left for the bathroom, it was time to get creative. Expensive tiles weren’t an option so we selected larger tiles (to save on installation) in a neutral shade which worked perfectly with the interior colour. Half the bathroom was tiled, and the remainder gibbed to save on costs. The result is a clean, modern and neutral bathroom with quality but affordable fittings and a little luxury. 

The Bedrooms 

Window sizing and placement was updated and designed to maximise privacy. The sides facing the driveway were given smaller windows up high, while we made the windows facing into the property larger and with lower sills to let light in and make the rooms appear larger. Wardrobes and doors were updated with new hardware in keeping with the modern look.

Bed and large windows to outdoor view

Other interior details

A wider than standard architrave and skirting was selected to create a feeling of quality and luxury (depending on the profile selected this doesn’t add a huge cost and has a large impact) and painted with Resene Alabaster. The interior of the home was painted Resene Half Truffle which is easy to live in neutral. A feature light was installed in the stairwell to add appeal and style to the interior entrance.

This home renovation was completed in 8 weeks to a carefully planned programme. The result was a beautiful home with strong appeal and details that set it apart from other homes of a similar size in the area. The sale price exceeded our clients expectations with a large number of bidders attending the auction. 

Check out our Essential Renovation Guide with everything you need to know for a beautiful home renovation.

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Your choice of exterior home cladding will determine how well your home connects visually to its environment and can be an important factor in maximising the value of your home. The choice of Cedar cladding for New Zealand homes is becoming more and more popular. Cedar is considered a premium product for home exteriors and is associated with some of our most highly desirable homes.

Cedar has been used in New Zealand for decades as a cladding material of choice, it is both a durable and beautiful product. With many options available on the market, aesthetics and maintenance are key considerations when choosing which type of cedar cladding to opt for.  If you’re looking for a premium material with natural beauty, that’s sustainably harvested and has antimicrobial properties (protecting against rot), then cedar is a great option.

Resolution Projects has completed a number of renovations, reclads and new homes in Cedar. Because of its association with quality, Cedar is a popular choice for those looking to achieve a top price for their home when preparing their property for market. 

Here are 5 recent projects selected to  showcase the variety of ways this timber can be used to create stunning homes. 

1. Totally transformed Takapuna beachfront home

This stunning home on Auckland’s North Shore originally had large windows which brought in the view but had no indoor outdoor connection to the beautiful beach just a couple of steps away. 

The brief: 

  1. Re-clad and rebuild the plaster home and correct all weather tightness issues. 
  2. Modernise the home in a contemporary effortless luxury style suited to beachside living. 
  3. Prepare the house for market. 

Beachside appeal
Vertical cedar was selected for its modern clean aesthetic and was stained dark with Resene Woodsman. Maximising the living on the North West of the property facing the beach was key to creating a home with serious beachside appeal. We achieved this by installing large sliding joinery units in Vantage Pitch Black Ebony to work perfectly with the cedar.

Before and after shot of substantial seaside home
Before and after shots showing the stunning transformation of this beach-front home

Wrap around decks were built using Vitex Decking selected for durability in a warm shade giving contrast and lightness to the building. A seamless indoor outdoor flow was created for the three elevations of the home giving the new owners endless opportunities to enjoy the kiwi summer with multiple spaces for living, entertaining and relaxing.

View of large sliding doors looking out to sea
Cedar clad home with sun drenched deck

Interior restyling
The interior of the home was also given a complete refurbishment with expansion of the building’s original footprint. In consultation with the client we carefully allocated the building budget to focus on elements which would have the biggest impact for sale.

The existing kitchen which was well designed in its day was given a clever update with new benchtops, tapware, cabinet facings, hardware and splashback. The result was an upmarket new kitchen without the investment in new cabinetry. 

In the bedrooms, wide sliding window joinery was installed to give the luxury feeling of being on a balcony overlooking the beach and en-suites and bathrooms were re-done. 

Large bedroom with sea view

Finally, we connected the garage with the house by building an atrium which provided additional storage and the convenience of all year round watertight parking. The renovation created a high value home with serious understated luxury appeal ready for market. 

Home clad in black cedar

Products used
Decking: Vitex decking
Joinery: Vantage joinery in Pitch Black Ebony 
Cladding: Herman Pacific Vertical Dressed Cedar HP56 Profile 
Colour: Stained with Resene Woodsman 

2. Contemporary Cedar in Mission Bay

The brief: Modernise and upgrade in a creative, contemporary style.

For this project, we used three types of cladding to create a visually stunning finish to the home. Nu-wall aluminium cladding was the main cladding system selected for its clean modern aesthetic and low maintenance durability. Cedar was used extensively as a warm element in contrast to the modern profile of the black Nu-wall and helped showcase the beauty of this timber.

Large home clad in black cedar with swimming pool

The living and bedrooms all faced towards the view and outdoor living area. Vantage Ebony Black joinery was installed to work perfectly with the black Nu-wall. Cedar was installed on the soffits (underside of the eves) for a high end finish that provides a warm inviting covered area for entertaining on the deck. Large structural posts were clad in Cedar to create symmetry and complete the contrasting design.  

Top story of large home with cedar eves

Shadow cladding painted with a Porters Paints Corden Steel Paint finish was the third system used to accent the architectural detail of the stairwell.

A stunning entrance clad entirely in Cedar provided a stylish focal point to the home. The clean line finish was achieved by installing flush mounted garage door fixings which hides the garage doors and blends them into the wall elevation. 

Entrance way with cedar cladding

The result is an unique architectural home in a style which will stand the test of time.

Products used:
Nu-wall aluminium 
Vertical structural posts: CP862 Dressed Kauri Gum 
Soffits and cladding: HP808 Dressed Kauri Gum 

3. Cedar baton St Heliers town house 

The brief: Re-clad, extend and modernise this four bedroom townhouse to maximise its value and prepare for sale.  

Before and after shot of townhouse
Before and after shots of this completely reclad townhouse

Plywood cladding with random cedar batons was selected to create a sleek modern profile which suited the townhouse perfectly.  The living side of the home was opened up to create flow to the outdoor area and a deck was incorporated for enhanced entertaining and living. 

Rooms opening out into a large deck

To maximise the value of the home a interior renovation with new kitchen and three updated bathrooms was completed. We achieved this by increasing the original footprint of the home and adding a new kitchen area. This created more space for living areas when then flow onto the generous deck area for entertaining. Finally an attractive timber screen was added to provide privacy to upstairs bedrooms on the street side and add curb side appeal for prospective buyers.

Products used:
Plywood cladding with random cedar batons contrasted with white brick – painted in Resene Milk White 
40/25 and 60/30 cedar batons 
New Vantage Aluminium Silver Pearl joinery 

4. Orakei traditional meets contemporary

The brief: Re-clad the home in preparation for sale. 

To reduce costs, we re-used the existing joinery and retained the original tile roof which was in excellent condition. The design needed to aesthetically sit well with the tile roof. Horizontal shiplap Cedar cladding was selected as an element which would work well with tiles creating a modern yet traditional feel while introducing a warmth with natural timber beauty.

Copper soakers and nail fixings were used as an accent and finishing detail. White surrounds were added to the existing joinery to create a contrast to the dark cedar, maintaining a clever balance of contemporary versus traditional for this home. 

Products used:
Herman Pacific cedar HP 61. Colour: Stain product Shadow match

5. Vertical shiplap Cedar in Remuera 

The brief: A full re-clad and renovation to prepare the home for sale.

The home was developed from 3 bedrooms and a study to 4 bedrooms and a study maximising the value of the home. The scope included new joinery and window placements, building in the balconies on the south elevation to create extra bathrooms and an extra bedroom, a new designer kitchen and renovation of three bathrooms plus new flooring and interior painting

Vertical shiplap Cedar cladding was selected for its clean line using dual widths to give the elevations a subtle contrast and create a high end finish. Resene Crows head stain was selected alongside Black Vantage joinery to create a modern luxury aesthetic. 

Large home with outdoor dining area

Products used:
Timber: Herman Pacific HP 56 and HP 60
Stain colour: Crows Head 

If you’re planning a home renovation or reclad, give us a call today on 0800 777 977.

A bathroom renovation is an ideal opportunity to maximise your space in this important part of the house, while also increasing functionality and flow. To make your ideal bathroom a reality, a little forethought and some expert planning are required.

Alongside planning the overall look and feel of your bathroom consider your morning routines and the items you want to have at hand and store. Also consider lighting options such as mood lighting when relaxing in the bath or low-level LED lighting under vanities to avoid glare of bright lights in the middle of the night.  

Below is a list to help with planning your bathroom renovation taking into consideration your budget and the people who will be using the bathroom.

1. Planning stage

This is one of the most important parts to get right. Start with a high level plan of your bathroom  and have full measurements at hand. Talk with us if you would like your bathroom concepts created by our design experts to further maximise your space. It’s at this stage where we consider things like the doorways. For example, if this is an en-suite bathroom and the doorway isn’t already a cavity slider,  converting to one could be a great opportunity to create more space. 

This is also a good time to make decisions about functional changes like installing underfloor heating.

2. Consider your ideal bathroom storage

When planning a bathroom that will work for you and your family, plan for your ideal from the outset. In the case of bathroom storage, this can be maximised by vanities, custom or standard storage units, mirror cabinets, or built in recesses in your shower or beside your bath. Take the time to think about what will be stored in the bathroom, and how conveniently placed these items need to be. This could include spaces for soaps and shampoos, hairdryers, makeup and extra supplies

3. Vanity

Your vanity will be a focal point for your bathroom and can add a feeling of luxury to your room.There are a number or excellent vanity options which can be purchased as standard sizes or talk with us to discuss a custom unit. 

Initially, it’s a good idea to decide whether you have space for a double or single basin vanity? Wall hung basins create the illusion of more space and give a more modern line, whereas floor mounted versions will provide more storage.  Many vanities offer special storage for make-up and smaller items. 

Choose a style with inbuilt basins or select your basins to be top mounted.

For vanities with top mounted Basins :

It’s important to select basin and tapware that work with each other. For tapware consider if you would like wall mounted or vanity top mounted taps. If you are planning a mirror cabinet the height of the cabinet will need to work in with the full height of the tap. 

The selection of the vanity top is an opportunity to elevate the style of your bathroom whether it be creating a feeling of luxury, warmth or contemporary streamlined minimalism. There are a number of products available at different price points from stone, wood veneer in the same material as the vanity or acrylic composite.

Tiled bathroom with two basins

4. Underfloor heating

Planning a bathroom renovation gives you the chance to choose indulgences you might not otherwise have had. For example, heated flooring in your bathroom is luxurious and a popular trend in modern homes. Not only does it feel amazing on your feet and you don’t have to stand on any cold spots, it can be effortless to run and energy efficient. Underfloor heating systems can be used under a variety of floor surfaces including timber and concrete. There are several options you can choose from depending on budgets and your lifestyle.

5. Mirrors / Mirror cabinets

There are a number of options to select from fogless, wall mounted, LED illuminated or mirror cabinets. For a sleek look mirror cabinets can be recessed to be flush with your tiles. It’s also worthwhile wiring in power points for charging electronic toothbrushes etc.

6. Taps and bathroom hardware

Decide on the style and colour of your hardware throughout the house. There are many options from chrome, polished nickel, matt black, gold and matt white, to brushed brass, brushed gunmetal and more. We recommended you keep the finish uniform throughout the bathrooms and kitchen. Some finishes can be applied to door hardware and other fixtures throughout your home to tie everything in.

For showers consider rain heads or shower columns and components to suit the user. For example, if you have young children it can be convenient to have a shower head with a detachable hand-held head.

7. Places to hang and dry towels

Consider how many towels you need to hang and if space allows for double rails for each person. Little additions like hooks for robes can mean the difference between a bathroom renovation that actually works for you and one that is a source of frustration.

8. Bathroom wall finishes 

We offer a full service to help select tiles and organise quotes from tilers. It’s worth spending time to plan and discuss tiling options for the layout covering details such as whether you prefer mitred corners or alu-trims and selecting a grout colour. Grout selection has a large impact on the overall appearance of the bathroom from choosing to enhance feature tiles or creating a wall which blends into the room allowing other features such as vanity tops to stand out. 

9. Shower and bath?

Plan your shower area to the size and the shape of your room, and decide early whether you’d like space for one or two showers. Choices for showers cover whether you’d like a glass door or walk through shower, handle finishes and options to have handles standard vertical or horizontal to hang shower mats.

You’ll also need to consider whether you’d like a framed custom hebel upstand or level entry shower. (Level entry may need to be allowed for during design and consent stage )

Further shower choices will include deciding on a channel drain or a shower waste which can be square or round. Also, whether to go with a grate finish or an invisi drain where the tiler will insert tiles into to minimise its appearance. ( The drains can be colour matched to your tapware selection to keep them uniform and blending in with the bathroom and not standing out).

Tiled bathroom showing bath and shower

If you have space to add the luxury of a bath to your bathroom or en-suite there are a number of options from inbuilt to freestanding acrylic and stone composite. There are also choices to be made around tap ware, whether you’d like floor-mounted taps or wall-mounted taps and the option of a hand shower as well as a tap, many fittings have both options.

For a luxurious bath it’s lovely to have a shelf or recess built in for candles, soaps and plants.

10. Lighting

Lighting options vary depending on your budget and requirements. Options include standard down lights, LED ceiling mood lighting which can be recessed, hidden LED lighting strips under vanities for night time and low lighting. You can also include LED strips in recesses and feature ceiling or wall lighting.

With any building project, but especially a bathroom renovation expert planning and advice along the way is vital. Getting it right from the outset will mean that all of these options and choices will work together to give you a bathroom that is both functional and beautiful for years to come.

If you’re ready to start planning your new bathroom or ensuite, give us a call today on 0800 777 977