How to make the most of your home reclad for outdoor living

If you’re considering recladding of your tired 90’s plaster home, factoring in a makeover of your home’s outdoor areas can have stunning results. We’ve all spent a lot more time at home this year so the opportunity to create highly functional, well connected outdoor living spaces is top of mind. A home reclad that includes well-designed outdoor areas will transform your home and boost market appeal. Plus you’ll improve the way you use your home maximising opportunities to enjoy outdoor dining and relaxing all year round.

There are many options for maximising your existing home footprint so start by customising a plan with your building company. Think about how you like to live and how you want to feel when relaxing in these areas. 

Here are some smart tips and ideas for designing the ultimate outdoor spaces for your home.

 1. Define your space for how you will use it

Make sure you define and plan your outdoor spaces for how you want to use them. Space for entertaining, lounging and relaxing along with the quintessential kiwi barbecue are important. Building new decks or extending smaller decks to better utilise your space can completely transform an area.

Reclad cedar home with deck

2. Decisions ahead of time

Make key decisions before your build starts. Changing and evolving plans during your build can be costly and can slow down your project. It’s well worth planning your outdoor areas at the same time as planning your home reclad so the work is factored into your budget and timeframe.

If your outside project requires earthworks, get any muddy jobs out the way at the beginning of the project and finish the decks and living spaces just before you move in. There’s nothing worse than mud being traipsed through your newly renovated home.  Also, remember to factor in any extra details needed to enhance your outdoor area such as extra outdoor taps or plumbing and electricity points.

3. Maximising your section and property

Many 90’s homes haven’t been planned to maximise outdoor living opportunities. Whether it’s utilising a small north facing deck or opening up the back of your home, your home reclad offers the opportunity to transform your home and increase wow factor.

Reclad home before and after
large doors opening out to sea

5. Permanent versus temporary cover

It’s important to take into consideration sun, shade and shelter from wind. Plan overhead cover to suit your property, and with the right positioning to protect you from the sun while providing enough shelter. Permanent cover not only provides protection from the elements but it creates an extra outside room by defining a living or dining space. A popular choice is Louvretec which is known for its versatility and wide range of options for cover. It can be installed as one unit or faced in the same cladding as your home for a seamless integrated style.

Reclad home with large deck

For a premium well finished built-in outdoor living area the structure is faced in the cladding material and roof extended to integrate with the house. There are a number of other finishing options also including sarking the ceiling, skylights, outdoor lighting and heating to create an all weather space. Well planned joinery will also ensure this area is maximised.

Built in decking reclad home

 6. Flow from inside to outside

Design your area to be accessible to your kitchen and living areas to create seamless flow from inside to outside.  There are many ways to achieve this and joinery is an important factor. Large French doors can massively extend your space. Not only will you have an appealing and highly accessible outdoor area, but it also gives the sense of doubling your living room space from the inside. Many 90’s plaster homes were not constructed to provide easy access to the garden and outdoor areas so this is often an easy upgrade to include in your reclad.

Reclad home before and after with deck
Large doors opening on to deck

7. Privacy, screening, noise reduction and planting

Design your space for comfort and privacy by incorporating hedges, large potted plants, screens, outdoor feature walls, pergolas, glass, lighting and outdoor furniture. You’ll want to choose options that increase privacy, absorb noise and make you feel comfortable and secluded. Working with your builder can lead to wonderful spaces that are designed just for you.

Outdoor living area
Source: Pinterest

8. Colours materials , decking , tiles and pavers

Planning your outdoor colour palette to work well with interior and exterior cladding will ensure a cohesive look. Limiting your colour selection will give you a chic effortless result. Soft neutral muted tones are on trend. While grey remains popular, earthy warmer tones are now also on the rise and look set to grow in popularity. Textures and building tone on tone are another important trend with less strong patterns and florals. Talk with your recladding company about current products and materials and be sure to factor in ongoing maintenance. 

Outdoor area with furniture
Source: Pinterest

9. Lighting

Lighting can define and create instant appeal in an area. Turn to Pinterest for ideas and inspiration on options to suit your space. Plan this at the beginning of your home reclad rather than as an afterthought so all the cabling is done as part of the build.

10. Fire and heating

If space and your budget allow installing an outside fireplace gives an area a focal point and helps bring guests together. It also offers the opportunity to use your outdoor space for more of the year, including cooler evenings.  A portable fire pit is another great option if you’re limited on space and budget. 

Giving proper thought to these areas will pay off both in terms of livability and by adding value to your home reclad project when you decide to sell.

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