Quirky, dated design transformed into a modern light & airy home

Packed full of potential this home was a good size and in a great area, but it was dated and constrained by a poor layout. Above all, this plaster home was compromised by leaks which had caused rot to occur. A complete reclad and interior renovation was called for.

The brief was to renovate the home to play to its strengths, letting in light, taking advantage of the high ceilings and improving the layout for greater liveability. At the same time the goal was to update the home with a modern look and feel, creating a low maintenance lock up and leave home with contemporary style.

1. Exterior reclad in Cedar & Nu-Wall 

Removing and updating the plaster cladding, replacing oddly shaped windows and adding feature screens were key elements in what has become a striking revamp. The updated design is based around transforming the original shape and appearance with the help of modern contrasting materials, new joinery and large cedar screens. 

Externally Nu-Wall aluminium cladding was used to give the home a clean, modern aesthetic. This product is known for its durability, providing protection from all types of weather with little or no maintenance. Additionally, Cedar was used extensively as a warm element in contrast to the modern profile of the black Nu-Wall. The combination of these materials together completely changes the look of the home and gives it a stunning modern profile. 

Reclad home with pool

2. Interior spaces updated & redefined 

Inside, a complete overhaul of the internal layout has transformed the way the home functions. 

Inviting entrance 

A dark, dated and uninviting entrance with a narrow staircase needed an extensive makeover. Adding a new sleek black steel floating staircase with solid oak treads has transformed this area into a modern, light and welcoming entranceway. The wall behind the staircase was removed and replaced with a screen which has opened up the space and created an entertainment area. Elements used here and the selection of materials in this area has set the tone for the rest of the home.

A large steel portal frame now supports large floor to ceiling windows, allowing a view to the pool. This area is now bathed in light, bringing the outdoors in and providing a sense of spaciousness to the home’s entranceway.

Before and after reclad home
Orignal entrance
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Large windows have transformed this previously pokey space
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Floating staircase with solid oak tread


Interior spaces have been redefined by removing dated carpets and replacing them with sleek engineered Oak. Oak flooring continues throughout creating a modern look while at the same time feeling warm and inviting. Designed with artwork in mind, the home mimics a gallery space with its white walls and wooden flooring.

Spacious living

Living areas abound in the new internal design with spacious living and dining areas. A wall was removed between the dining and living areas which allows for a better use of space with a new coffee area created off the kitchen. The spacious dining space is defined by a large hanging pendant lamp and a new entertainment area has been created complete with built in TV and fireplace. 

b 02
Original living area
a 22 lowrez
Updated living area
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Built in TV and fireplace

3. Bathrooms 

Changes were made to a single bathroom that was previously only accessible via the master bedroom. Incorporating a separate toilet allowed enough space to create a spacious retreat with freestanding bath and large walk-in shower.

Separately, a guest bathroom was created upstairs by building in an unappealing deck on the south side of the house. By incorporating a sliding door on one side this now works as a semi-ensuite from the second bedroom and is a much better layout. 

c 01
Original bathroom
a 32 lowrez
Spacious updated bathroom with freestanding bath

4. Maximum impact in the kitchen

Simple but striking updates were made to the kitchen. Existing kitchen cupboards were refaced in black and sleek new modern lighting installed. Dated glass shelves were replaced with oak and new tapware, and appliances as well as a new splash back were installed. Updated Oak flooring in this area adds maximum impact.

b 05
Original kitchen
a 23 lowrez
Kitchen post renovation
a 24 lowrez

5. Bringing outside in

Increasing the height of the joinery units going out to the deck has added to the sense of light and space to the living areas. Additionally, dated internal double doors were replaced with large stacking bifold doors which were set to the same height as the joinery. The result is an open space, which feels light and modern and can still be closed off for optimum sound and heat levels. 

a 15
a 14 lowrez

6. Designing for privacy & continuity 

Cedar screens throughout the home are a design feature that provide privacy, but also establish an updated look for the profile of the home. The screens are repeated at intervals throughout for consistency and continuity. 

a 08 lowrez

This modern home is also equipped with a palm activated lock for keyless entry, making it the ultimate lock up and leave, low maintenance abode. 

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External materials used:

Nu-Wall an  aluminium cladding systems which comes in both vertical and horizontal profile sizes. Once installed it should not require repainting for 25 years. 

Cedar  Hermpac CP835

Colours used throughout : 

Flaxpod (black ) 

Resene Element is painted throughout

Also Resene Eighth Rice cake

Internal materials:

Oak Flooring Forte Capri Engineered oak floor 

Fireplace Escea DS1150

Joinery Doubled glazed joinery in flaxpod was installed. Stack back bifolds were installed off the upstairs deck so that the area opened out completely providing indoor outdoor flow.