This stunning 1950’s bach renovation is a revelation

With a vision of being close to the water and downsizing from their previous family home, owners Steve and Vicky fell in love with this former 1950’s bach. They snapped it up at sale and soon embarked on a full renovation and remodel, making the most of the beautiful location and creating a modern, highly functional home.

High on the list of priorities was making the most of the wonderful views and to optimise natural light and space within the new build. Increasing the size of the existing structure to allow for family and friends to comfortably visit was also key to making the new property work. Says owner Steve, “a draughts person produced plans that incorporated our ideas and requirements. These included high raked ceilings, a window seat, good ventilation and indoor-outdoor flow.”

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Extending the home while retaining its history

The couple were highly involved with the renovation, even incorporating some of the home’s history into the rebuild. After the interior walls were removed, they sent some of the old rimu framing and lintels off to be milled at Kauri Warehouse in Otahuhu to use for flooring in the home’s extension. The result is a striking and unique floorboard pattern, crafted from wood panels of all different widths. 

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The unattractive 1970’s extension was removed and the new home extended from the original 1950’s footprint to comply with height restrictions. By creating two living spaces on the top and bottom floors there is space for family and guests to stay downstairs. Meanwhile the couple mostly occupies the top level where they enjoy expansive views.

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Let there be light

Opening the home up and creating a sense of light and space was central to the new design. The old 1950s bach which was sliced up into lounge, kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms has now become an expansive open plan living area. Large double glazed glass doors and windows give 180 degree views to the Coromandel and Waiheke island and allow all day sun. Skylights flood other internal areas with light creating a home that feels warm, comfortable and relaxed.

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Modern, high functioning home

A gas fireplace and ducted central heating system ensure the property is cosy all year round. There is soundproofing between the levels and a suspended ceiling on the lower floor to mitigate noise transfer. 

The upper storey is a 170 square metre space with entrance, main bedroom and en suite, open plan living, dining and kitchen area. It also incorporates a media room, laundry and garaging. Downstairs features guest bedrooms, a bathroom and extra living space.

The outcome

There were many challenges during the project –  building a retaining wall, dovetailing into an existing structure, extensive waterproofing, and asbestos removal from the soffits of the original bach, but the couple are thrilled with the result. Says Steve, “the success of the build is largely due to the adaptability of the team and their focus on solutions.” 

“Even the neighbours love how the new home blends into the original bach so it’s in character with the rest of the street.” – Steve, owner

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Steve and Vicky’s new home is a revelation in terms of what was there before. It has been designed and built precisely for their needs; letting in light, improving heating and incorporating modern features that make it a pleasure to live in.

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