Achieving your ideal outcome – where to start with your home reclad?

A home reclad is no small undertaking, but the benefits can be huge. If you’re clear about your goals and make some savvy decisions up front, you’ll get the best result and the biggest bang for your buck. 

When considering a home reclad, your primary goal is to ensure water tightness, or to remove any perception that your monolithic plaster home could be prone to leaky home issues. Beyond that there are several different scenarios that might apply. You might be preparing to sell and looking to get the best price possible. Or perhaps you’re converting a plaster home into a rental property and wanting to make a great investment. Finally, you might be ready to renovate for the long term, with everything designed for you, your family and how you like to live your lives. 

Each of these scenarios will require a different set of decisions around budget and scope. So before getting started, it’s worth exploring exactly what you’re looking to achieve. That way you’ll invest wisely, select the right building company for your goals and ensure the best possible outcome for you and your family for the future. 

Recladding to sell

If your motivation is to reclad your home in preparation for sale, your goal will be to achieve the best price at market, either now, or in a few years time when perhaps children have left home or school. The goal is to avoid overcapitalising but make the home as attractive as possible to your target market.

Your choice of materials for the exterior facing of your property is hugely important in maximising the value of your home. After all, it’s the first part of the house that buyers see and sets the tone of the property before they even set foot inside. There are a range of options such as Cedar and Abodo and different types of metal cladding, so be sure to discuss all the options with your recladding company in detail. When recladding with a sale in mind, the decision you make is not for you, but for the buyer, so it pays to opt for the cladding with the widest appeal for the style of the home. This will depend on the home’s value, location and even buyer expectations. 

Creating outdoor spaces to enjoy for as much of the year as possible is also highly desirable and upgrading and extending decking and adding Louvretec is ideal. Inside you’ll want to freshen everything up, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. A full home reclad with a refurbished interior effectively creates a ‘like new’ home which is highly attractive to prospective buyers.

Before and after reclad

Recladding your plaster investment property

Preparing your home for rent, is primarily about protecting your investment. You’ll want to safeguard your home from any potential water damage, but beyond that you want to ensure money spent now is an investment in longevity and your ability to attract the right tenants. Weatherboards are an excellent choice for recladding an investment property because they’re cost effective, low maintenance and look smart for many years.

New compliance standards around heating and insulation should also be considered. Insulation is included as standard in the reclad process, but it’s a good time to think about the size and location of heat pumps. Inside the primary focus should be on finishings that are durable, won’t get tatty easily and won’t require regular upkeep or maintenance. 

For floors think hard wearing laminate or a waterproof product which is suitable to be used in both bathrooms or main living areas. Selecting 100% stain and fade proof carpet is also a great choice.

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A full reclad of your long term home

This is where things get exciting and you can really indulge your own tastes. While your home is opened up as part of the recladding process is a great time to undertake more substantial renovations. This an opportunity to create a home that works for you and how you like to live. Perhaps extending to gain more space, letting in light, or changing the layout for better flow to the outdoors. 

Your home will be completely reinsulated and double glazed as part of the reclad process. Inside, upgrades to the kitchen and bathroom are almost always on the list. You’ll have a range of options on finishings and joinery throughout and there’s also the opportunity to introduce state of the art gadgetry into your home such as fingerprint entry pads and security systems.  It’s your chance to completely transform your home and make it work for your needs. 

It’s also good to remember that even if you’re recladding for the long term, keep an eye to the future so that you’re optimising your home in a way that will be a great investment if you decide to move on in years to come.

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